5 Key Reasons Women Entrepreneurs Should Consider Writing a Book

There are so many reasons why women entrepreneurs can benefit from writing a book. 


Typically, there are greater barriers for women than men in entrepreneurial businesses to advance or even be seen in their industry. 


So, of course, writing a book can boost a female business founder’s profile. And position them more visibly in a hyper-competitive freelance environment.


This can have the side-effect of snagging them other opportunities such as paid appearance and speaking gigs. But building on their bread and butter is not the only reason that writing a book is something women entrepreneurs should consider.

Provides a Platform for Leadership

Pushes You to Promote Your Expertize – And Build Your Confidence

Makes the Unacceptable Acceptable

Develops the Narrative Around Female Entrepreneurship

Teaches You to Value Female Knowledge


This book will allow you as a successful women in business to share "What you got out of getting it wrong" 


  • Elevate you above your peers. 
  • Greatest piece of marketing material for years to come.  
  • Educational Tool for other women in business. 
  • This is an interview style project. We will focus on helping those who inspire to be a future business leader. 
  • Each Participant will invest between 10 to 15 hours over the the next 120 days. 
  • Your Chapter will be done on an interview style - so you do not need to be a writer! We Write for you!

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions


Is there an Investment?

Will I receive author credit and/or royalties?

How will contributors benefit?

Why shouldn't I just write my own?

Get Featured in Major Media

The Opportunity - Exposure, Visibility, and Increased Credibility

This is a unique business profile enhancement opportunity that will further establish you as a trusted professional when someone Googles you.

You will stand out from others in your industry by the nature of the content that can be found about you.

Participating in a collaborative expert book quickly builds credibility, authority, and it enhances your business profile, which will help you in your business or career.



Cover design. A professionally designed book cover has been proven to be the number one factor people use to decide to read or buy a book.


E-book design. We convert to the mobi (Kindle) and epub formats; that allows us to distribute anywhere.

  • Publishing includes custom ISBN
  • Amazon description uploaded
  • The book will be listed in the Amazon Marketplace and will also appear in all major online book outlets (Barnes & Nobles, Ingram Sparks, etc.)

Best-Seller Launch Details


Reaching best-selling status is a considerable milestone, and once reached, it should be publicized and should include a campaign announcing the accomplishment.


We will launch a campaign to help you achieve best-selling status.

  • Private book launch three (3) days before the public launch of your book.
  • Provide screenshots displaying the categories your book reached best-selling status. T&S Publishing, LP will launch a Best-Seller campaign on We guarantee that the book will reach Best-Seller status in at least one category on Amazon within 90 days.

See Who Has Invested in Themselves!

& Joined the Next Best Selling Book

Stay Tuned to see who has joined the project. This project is by invitation only. However, it is also a non-compete book. So, if you don't join your competition will! Lock down your territory, your topic, and your Niche!

Pamela Stambaugh, MBA

President & Founder

Accountability Pays

Julie Parmar

Founder & Owner

Vegetarian Naturals

April M. Davis


ADS Design Solutions LLC

Marci Klien

CEO and

Emmy winning TV director

Klein Creative Media.


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  • Authority Interview on a Technology platform

  • Featured in a Book Chapter (Kindle)

  • Name included in two Authority Release

  • Best Seller Campaign

  • General Social Media Post

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  • Podcast Interview after Production

  • Featured in the Business Innovators Magazine

  • PDF of your Chapter

  • Featured in a Small Business Trendsetters Article

  • Custom Cover (Name & Picture will appear on the cover of the book)

  • Custom Interior of book (your chapter moved to first in the book)





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