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5 Key Reasons Women Entrepreneurs Should Consider Writing a Book

There are so many reasons why women entrepreneurs can benefit from writing a book. 


Typically, there are greater barriers for women than men in entrepreneurial businesses to advance or even be seen in their industry. 


So, of course, writing a book can boost a female business founder’s profile. And position them more visibly in a hyper-competitive freelance environment.


This can have the side-effect of snagging them other opportunities such as paid appearance and speaking gigs. But building on their bread and butter is not the only reason that writing a book is something women entrepreneurs should consider.

Provides a Platform for Leadership

Pushes You to Promote Your Expertize – And Build Your Confidence

Makes the Unacceptable Acceptable

Develops the Narrative Around Female Entrepreneurship

Teaches You to Value Female Knowledge


This book will allow you as a successful women in business to share "How they are moving the needle towards success" 

  • Elevate you above your peers. 
  • Greatest piece of marketing material for years to come.  
  • Educational Tool for other women in business. 
  • This is an interview style project. We will focus on helping those who inspire to be a future business leader. 
  • Each Participant will invest between 10 to 15 hours over the the next 120 days
  • Your Chapter will be done on an interview style - so you do not need to be a writer! We Write for you!

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions


Is there an Investment?

Will I receive author credit and/or royalties?

How will contributors benefit?

Why shouldn't I just write my own?

Get Featured in Major Media

The Opportunity - Exposure, Visibility, and Increased Credibility

This is a unique business profile enhancement opportunity that will further establish you as a trusted professional when someone Googles you.

You will stand out from others in your industry by the nature of the content that can be found about you.

Participating in a collaborative expert book quickly builds credibility, authority, and it enhances your business profile, which will help you in your business or career.






Participants of the book will be able to also participate in speaking opportunities. This Virtual Summit will allow you to build authority, educate others, and promote your brand is a highly professional manner. 






Participants of the book will be featured on Two Chics in the City podcast. This interview will allow you to build authority, educate others, and promote your brand in a highly professional manner. 

Women in Business




Cover design. A professionally designed book cover has been proven to be the number one factor people use to decide to read or buy a book.


E-book design. We convert to the mobi (Kindle) and epub formats; that allows us to distribute anywhere.

  • Publishing includes custom ISBN
  • Amazon description uploaded
  • The book will be listed in the Amazon Marketplace and will also appear in all major online book outlets (Barnes & Nobles, BAM, LuLu, Ingram Sparks, etc.)

Best-Seller Launch Details


Reaching best-selling status is a considerable milestone, and once reached, it should be publicized and should include a campaign announcing the accomplishment.


We will launch a campaign to help you achieve best-selling status.

  • Private book launch three (3) days before the public launch of your book.
  • Provide screenshots displaying the categories your book reached best-selling status. T&S Publishing, LP will launch a Best-Seller campaign on We guarantee that the book will reach Best-Seller status in at least one category on Amazon within 90 days.


Join Now - Limited Spaces


  • Authority Interview on a Technology platform

  • Featured in a Book Chapter (Paper Back & Ebook)

  • Best Seller Campaign

  • Two - Individual Press Release Syndicated to (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox affiliates = 300 outlets) with a media report

  • Name included in two Authority Release

  • PDF of your Chapter

  • Podcast Interview - You will receive one or more Interviews on various business related Podcast.

  • General Social Media Post

  • Social Media (3 day) Campaign with custom graphic

  • Featured in the Business Innovators Magazine

  • Featured in a Small Business Trendsetters Article (with a syndication report)

  • Custom Cover (Name & Picture will appear on the cover of the book)

  • Custom Interior of book (your chapter moved to first place in the book)

  • Speaking Event at a Virtual Summit


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