The dream book for T&S Publishing was one focused on Women Business Owners who were willing to share insight for future entrepreneurs. Finding a group of Women Business Owners is not always easy. Especially not from various industries and who are all motivated to build authority in her prospective industry!


Until I came across this great group of women that created this awesome team. They are all Certified Women Business Owners, and they each share a few common factors. They are not scared to put themselves out in the public eye, they are all focused on growing their business, and they are all very proud to say they are Certified through an organization called WBENC. (Disclosure: WBENC in no way endorsed the process or development of this book)


Below you will find the profiles for each contributor to the Women in Business – Leading the Way Book. As the pioneers of this series they have paved the way for many other Women Business Owners to build out her brand, elevate herself, and to help educate future women business leaders.

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